When people choose to meet exclusively, business wise, ‘something’ is about to happen. With the right ingredients, that ‘something’ will turn the meeting into a successfull one. The one that people will refer to to as the meeting with the ‘feel good factor’.


While focussing on the ‘Why’ of your meeting, we carefully go through the ‘How’ and make sure we check the boxes of all the right ingredients. Would you like a warm reception, or maybe just a ‘come and pick up your key?’. We do not only take care of a tasty breakfast or lunch, but also a creative break, if you like. A bike tour that will take you to all the hotspots in the city, a visit to the Markhal (or better yet the Fenix loodsen). Or maybe you would like a photoshoot that you can instantly use for social media?

You name it.

With our netwerk, our experience and knowledge of Rotterdam we offer the right support to give your meeting that something extra that your are looking for. 

Today this is your place, your gathering, your company. Together we will make sure everyone will feel at home. Not a the office, not at home, but in between. Let’s Meet At My Place.

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